Children’s Home

Our friends in Delhi look after 65 orphan girls between the ages of 5 and 18 in the Love India Children’s Home. Many of the girls are sponsored by our supporters. When we visit Delhi, one of the highlights is always visiting the girls in the Home. Some of the girls are full orphans, having lost both parents. Others are partial orphans – perhaps one parent has died and the other has health or other problems and is unable to care for their children. There is a real possibility that some of the girls would not be alive or would be living on the streets without the Children’s Home.

One young woman we know who was brought up in the Children’s Home tells us that she thinks she would have been trafficked if she had not had the Home. You can see an interview with her and others as part of this video.

The children live in the Home, and attend local schools. Some have left at 18 and gone on to college or other training.

The Home is closely regulated by the Delhi city government. It always passes its inspections with flying colours.



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