Who we are

Dave and Rhi Day are at the heart of the charity. They have years of experience in church and charity leadership, community building and forming cross-cultural relationships.

They were both involved in the leadership of a city-wide church in Bristol for many years and of a church in New Zealand during a formative stage. Their years of experience gives them insights that continue to be useful to other church leaders in the Bristol area and overseas.

 Dave Day has mentored me in my pastoring role for the past 5 years and I have found his wisdom and advice to have been invaluable…’

Andrew Yelland – Crofts End Church


D and R 23 Apr 500pxRhi played a critical part in the development of the Bristol charity One25, which reaches out to marginalised women in the city. She is still involved giving support to staff and volunteers whilst Dave served for 10 years as a trustee.

Their ongoing relationship with members of churches across Zambia and India goes back to 1985. Since then they have visited many times taking teams from various countries to learn from as well as encourage and support those churches materially and spiritually. This has led to practically partnering with local churches as they take initiatives to meet some of the desperate needs in their communities.

The team of trustees is composed of people with professional experience in legal, tax, charity, and church sectors. They have all had experience in cross-cultural mission and leadership.