What we do

A lot of our work is in India and Zambia. There is a lot to say about that, so we have separate pages for that. Here is some of the rest of what we do.

Mentoring, advising and teaching in churches 


Dave has developed a mentoring programme with several  leaders of newer churches leaders in the Bristol region. He is able to pass on advice from his many years in leadership. Although the mentoring is primarily with men, it has been greatly rewarding to see the quality of younger men and women emerging in church leadership. 

Advising and teaching in churches

The Bridge Trust Ltd, through Dave, works not only with its partners in India and Zambia but with several churches in the West of England, the USA and France. This involves regular visits, meeting with the church leaders and leadership teams plus preaching and teaching. 




One25 works with street-based sex workers in Bristol who suffer from violence, poverty and addictions. Dave and Rhi have both had experience of the work as trustees and volunteers with the charity. Rhi is a former manager of the organisation. They offer pastoral support to any of the charity’s workers who seek it.

Regenerate Charity London


Dave and Rhi have strong relational links with the Regnerate charity working with young people and families in estates across London helping transform lives and communities from the inside out. 

Compassionate Heart International

Through a long standing friendship with Linda Faber, the Vice-President of CHI which isbased in Clemmons NC, The Bridge Trust Ltd are pleased to endorse and support the work of CHI. Periodically, we shall be updating our website with news from this organisation  as it seeks to address global concerns and its work in S E Asia