Girls are given love, education and a caring environment

Girls are given love, education and a caring environment

The Bridge Trust Ltd provides :

• Annual leadership training schools
• Financial support for pastors
• Financial support for  orphans
• Financial support for  schools and meals for children in the slums of Delhi
• Provision of training and financial support for Primary Health Care workers in one of the slum areas
• Training and development of adults in business

Dave and Rhi first met Dr Jey and Lizy Jeyaseelan who head up the Victory Churches of India in 1985.  To date more than 100 churches have been planted in various parts of the country. (

Each year, the Bridge Trust provides the resources for travel, accommodation and food for a training  conference for the growing number of pastors of the Victory Churches,who are drawn together from across the nation for several days of teaching… It has proved to be a very significant part of the Victory Churches Calendar.

Dave speaking at Victory Church, Delhi

Dave speaking at Victory Church, Delhi

The orphanage in Delhi provides a caring home for over 60 girls who might otherwise be destitute and risk physical and sexual abuse. £20 per month covers the cost of each girl’s food clothing and educational needs as well as  running costs and salaries of the staff.

Girls at Love India Children's Home.

Girls at Love India Children’s Home.

Each day, 800 malnourished children from the slums are fed by the Love India Trust, the charity arm of the Victory Churches. With only 53% of India’s children attending primary school and over 50% malnourished, the importance of this mammoth feeding programme cannot be underestimated, and it takes place through the slum schools. The slum schools also provide clothing to some of the poorest children imaginable. $6 (or  £4) per month will sponsor a child attending one of the schools. This covers schooling, one meal a day, uniform and books and  the running costs of each school including rent and salaries.

Children are fed and educated at the schools

Children are fed and educated at the schools

In India, 9.5% of children will not reach their 5th birthday and in slum areas this figure can often be much higher. In an attempt to address this figure, 33 Primary Health Care workers  from a deprived slum area of Delhi were trained in basic areas of health care, first aid, hygiene, rehydration and treating infections. This has resulted in a significant drop in the infant mortality rate in this pocket of the slum.  The salary of each worker is £20 per month with an additional £5 per month to cover the costs of the bandages and medicine they provide. With further resources, we could train more workers and ensure the sustainability of this life saving  project so that the infant mortality rates can be reduced further, across a wider area.

Bridge Trust provided healthcare workers with  training and new books

Bridge Trust provided healthcare workers with training and new books

‘People are pleased to see me. They will often come to me for help and advice, even at night!’ Nareej, one of the health care workers. 

In  2011,  The Bridge Trust started to explore ways of  supporting  and developing  new or existing small businesses related to the Victory Churches to enable their church and charitable work to become more self-sufficient.